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Other shortcodes

The whole shortcode documentation can be found directly in contextual help of the WordPress admin screens. You can also use Shortcode Generator to build and insert your shortcodes.

Widget areas

You can use Widget Area shortcode to insert any widget area (also called “sidebar”) directly to page/post content. Widgets will be aligned into columns automatically.

[widgets area="WIDGET_AREA_ID" style="horizontal/vertical/sidebar-left/sidebar-right" /]

Access shortcodes

The theme allows you to place the Login form anywhere on the website. You can also use usergroup specific shortcodes to display content to logged in users.

[login stay="0/1" /]

Screensize specific content

If you want to display a specific content (maybe a message) on certain device screen size, you can use the Screen shortcode.

[screen size="desktop/tablet/mobile/mobile landscape/mobile portrait"]TEXT[/screen]


When using “Sections” page template, you need to wrap the content in Section shortcode. This shortcode will let you split the page into vertical sections and using custom CSS classes you can style these sections how you like! But remember, this shortcode works with “Sections” page template only! Also section HTML ID will be created from custom CSS (use web developer tools to check the HTML code to style the sections properly).

[section class="CSS_CLASS/alt" style="CSS"]TEXT[/section]


Subpages shortcode will display sub- and sibling-pages (possible to display full hierarchy also with parents if displayed in a subpage). Please see right for the shortcode example output.

[subpages depth="0(all levels)/1/2/3/4/5" order="menu/title" parents="0/1" /]